logoblackApart from a bibliography containing a list of articles, books, journals, websites and other sources of information, it is likely that some words or phrases need to be cited.  This can be a time-consuming process especially where there is a large of amount of referencing to be quoted.

Much time can be saved by gathering all information about reference material in a separate document.


Many projects require that references be made by footnotes at the bottom of the relevant page.  Adding these in towards the completion of the project can be beneficial and it is sometimes better to compile them as endnotes and then convert them back to footnotes.




To add greater professionalism to any project, it is also possible to incorporate bookmarks within the document, especially where a contents or index page is included.  This can be done by selecting the text you want to add as a bookmark, naming it and then inserting the relevant bookmark at the desired location.

bookmark1    bookmark2

Hyperlinks are also a method of referencing particular websites of interest, and the hyperlink can be applied to either text or to an image.  It is often useful to add screen tips so that the reader will know something about the link before they click on it (with the CTRL key).


Depending on the specifications of your assignment guidelines, it is not always necessary to include the HTTP:// (hypertext transfer protocol) part of the URL (uniform resource locator) within the text, although it is essential to include this when creating a hyperlink.

Creating a separate document for all the hyperlinks for a project can be a time-saving measure.


hyperlinks2    hyperlinks3


Example of Image Hyperlink with Screen Tip - Clicking on this link will go to ''

All the hyperlinks and bookmarks will work whether the document is saved in Word or PDF format.  At Enhance Project we specialise in ensuring your project or assignment has accurate links, whether they are in the bibliography or in the references.