Our Types of Typing

At Enhance Project we can work with a variety of different documents that need improvement.

Apart from Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, we also specialise in compiling Word documents.

Sample Speed TestA Sample Speed Test

There are five main categories we can type from:

  • Handwritten notes or pages
  • Printed material such as books, newspapers or journals
  • Copying from webpages or PDF files
  • Improving on existing computer ‘soft copy’ files
  • Audio transcription from dictation sources such as mp3s

All our typists are capable of speeds of 70+ wpm (words per minute).

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Much time and effort goes into preparing an essay, thesis, dissertation, assignment, or project.  Although we cannot do your research for you, we can ensure your finished document is professionally presented.

Here’s a checklist of things to consider:

  • Is the page setup A4?
  • Is the font correct as serif or sans-serif?
  • Are the paragraphs to be left-aligned or fully justified?
  • Is a cover page to be included?
  • Is there a contents and/or index page?
  • Does the document need sections for different headers/footers?
  • Is the page numbering set correctly?
  • Line spacing at double or line-and-a-half?
  • Do headings and sub-headings follow their specific style?
  • Are there footnotes or endnotes to be included?
  • If tables are included do they look presentable?
  • Is the bibliography in the correct citation style?
  • Do the hyperlinks work and in the right format?
  • Are images set with their accurate aspect ratio?
  • If it’s a slideshow do the animations and transitions work?
  • Is the spellcheck/grammar in US or UK English?
  • Should someone else proofread it?
  • Has it been checked for plagiarism?
  • Will the word count be crucial?
  • Is there a backup copy somewhere safe?
  • Are there extra marks for presentation?

Some of the Colleges we Enhance Projects for Students:*

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* Plus a few teachers & lecturers!
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