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At Enhance Project we provide a professional typesetting and formatting service.  Whether you need to get your project typed up from handwritten notes, or whether you just want to improve on the work you have already completed, we can put the final touches onto the document.

We can enhance all types of word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and most types of business and personal stationery.  We use Microsoft Office and Libre Office, plus a variety of image-editing software.

There are over 120 samples on this site you can view or download.  Most are PDF files or JPEG images, but if you want to see the original file please contact us.


Enhance Project operate from Cork City, Ireland, although we can communicate over the internet also, depending on the type of project required.


Because of the nature of the work we do, certain times of the year are extremely busy.  Around the end of November – mid-December, and most of April, we are fully booked, so please be aware of this if you have a deadline for your project.


Our rates are very reasonable – we want you to recommend us to friends, colleagues and fellow students.  Various methods of payment are available, but please note that we require a deposit before we can start on large documents.  All quotations are FREE.  Contact us for more information.


All files displayed on this website are original, and created by us.  If you feel we have infringed copyright in any way, please let us know and we will remove the item.  We retain copyright however for all original content, although we permit their use on a free non-commercial basis, provided credit is mentioned.


Enhance Project also offer a Tuition service, where you can be shown how to improve your projects.  Tuition is customised to your requirements.  Rates are also reasonable, but at the moment this service is limited to Cork City.

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We would love to hear how you got extra marks for style and presentation etc..!

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