Citation Required…


Most students would agree that compiling a bibliography for an assignment is most of the hard work.  A large percentage of the marks usually goes towards how well the student has researched the subject matter.

Not only this, but the referencing must be in the appropriate citation style.  There are a few of these but the most common are the Harvard Referencing style and the MLA (Modern Language Association) style.

Your lecturer/teacher will probably have specified on the assignment brief which citation style should be followed.

It is also possible (for scientific theses) that each reference in the bibliography must have a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).  At Enhance Project we are familiar with these citation styles.

Not only is the citation style important, it has to be in alphabetical order.

We suggest creating a separate document just for the bibliography and then adding it to the main essay towards final completion.

Here are some pages from sample bibliographies.


ref_01 ref_02 ref_03 ref_04
ref_05 ref_06 ref_07 ref_08
ref_09 ref_10