PowerPoint to Impress


At Enhance Project we just love PowerPoint and Libre Impress..!  We believe a good presentation has certain characteristics.  These include animations, transitions, and varied slide layout.  Overuse of bullet points is one thing to be avoided, as well as cramming too much text onto each slide.

Other aspects need to be taken into consideration – is the presentation going to be shown on a projected screen?  Are handouts required?  Have timings been rehearsed?  Are images of good quality?  The list can seem endless.

Below are a few presentations we created.  They are in PDF format, but if you would like to see the original files, please contact us.

If you think your presentation could be enhanced, you could talk to us HERE.


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nurnberg riga tallinn
vilnius emeeting letter_format
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This PowerPoint has 123 Slides..!

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